CDO innov : Chenillards, Bateaux Faucardeur et Barges

Constructeur d'engins motorisés pour les milieux sensibles

Publiés en March, 2014

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Design Office

Design Office CDO Innov’s Design Office offers the capability of adapting to all our clients’ requests. The use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) software lets CDO Innov optimise the design […]

Our services

Tool optimisation

With its know-how, CDO Innov offers modifications to tools that have not been updated over time. Modifications to hydraulic circuits to meet your new job constraints, addition of a sensor system […]

Our services

Crawler tractor refurbishing

CDO Innov manufactures crawler tractors. For agricultural, forestry or other uses. The technologies used in CDO Innov machines are completely managed. If your crawler tractor is deteriorated, and requires an […]