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Fight effectively the Sargassum invasion

Sargassum solutions CDO INNOV



For months now, we have been withnessing massive Sargassum stranding in the Caribbean area which have many conséquences such as :

-Sanitary(withthe exposition of Hydrogensulphideemanations(H2S).




That’s why we developped solutions to fight this problem :

– Our material(Engine and pumping system) is designed specifically for invasives plants and seaweeds.

– Strong collecting capacity. We can execute 25 tonnes per hours of clean seaweeds. (500 m3/hours)

– Pumping system and Decantation/separation/washer (Jacuzzi) system already successfully tested with ours currents Customer.

– Eco-friendly pumping system (it is designed to not destroy the environment) (Depression System with continuous suction)


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