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The Crawler tractors

The vehicles

Crawler Tractor VPH 13

Standard equipment

The VPH13 (130 HP Hydrostatic Carrier Vehicle) is the ideal machine for all work requiring high payloads or large available hydraulic power for the addition of peripheral tools. Its mono block rubber tracks give it a very low ground bearing (3 to 4 times less than a man). You will thus avoid damaging your tool and the zone in which you are working. It can be used in agriculture, mountain zones, marshes or all other environments inaccessible for standard vehicles.

The electronic control unit brings optimum engine management and, in particular, programming that corresponds to your use (acceleration ramp, working or travel position…).

Dashboard including:

  • Tachometer

  • Hour meter

  • Oil pressure

  • Engine temperature

  • Oil temperature

  • Defect lights (hydraulic, electric, mechanical)

  • Battery level indicator

  • Ventilation

  • Radio

For more information, hereby the Brochure :

CDO Innov – Crawler Vehicle VPH


  • Front coupling

  • Rear coupling

  • Pressurised cab

  • Rear or lateral engine

  • Air conditioning

  • Reversing camera

  • GPS


Overall Length

Overall Width

Overall Height

Hull Length

Hull Width

Hull Height

Total weight empty

Total weight full tank