CDO innov : Chenillards, Bateaux Faucardeur et Barges

Constructeur d'engins motorisés pour les milieux sensibles


Live Line maitenance with CDO Innov

CDO Innov is a motorized vehicle manufacturer specializing in sensitive environments. We have been working with RTE network for several years now to assist them in the maintenance of high voltage power lines.
We offer tailor-made solutions in compliance to the needs of our customers and privileged exchanges to work effectively in the solution we advocate according to the specifications submitted.
Our products are built in compliance with the standards and requirements of the SERECT Center of Expertise.
CDO Innov has surrounded itself with the APAVE and the Bureau Veritas in order to apply the SERECT requirements but above all to make the vehicle usable / adequate / profitable for the operations.


VPH entretien lignes à haute tension CDO Innov