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Invasive Plants

arrachage de potamot crépu.

Waterweed cutting in action with our BPH

CDO INNOV positions itself as a key player in finding effective and sustainable solutions for its customers. We specialize in sensitive environments and are working around the world on these issues.


What is an invasive plant?
It is considered invasive plants when their proliferation produce significant changes in ecosystems. The introduction of  species is a phenomenon that exists for many centuries. However, the current pace and intensity of their spread are so important, we now observe a complete modification of certain ecosystem with replacement of native species by invasive  species.

Where do they come from?
Invasive species in France are from different continents: North and South America, East Asia, South Africa They have been voluntarily or involuntarily introduced by man over the centuries.

What are their effects?
Invasive plants induce many nuisances. Their blooms, when the stands are important, alter the functioning, composition or structure of aquatic environments and wetlands. They thus compete with native species sometimes lead to their disappearance. They also represent an inconvenience to use, that is to say for recreation, agriculture, navigation, fishing … We consider today that they are one major causes of biodiversity loss in the world after the destruction and degradation of ecosystems.