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Platypus : Closer to Nature from Yachts Russia magazine

Closer to Nature

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Brilliant ideas always appear suddenly. This is how it happened to Francois Alexandre Bertrand when he decided to break away with his career in consulting and moved to Australia for diving.

While diving in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Great Barrier Reef – Mr. Bertrand thought: “How cool it would be to have special equipment to dive in places like this. The special equipment that allows you to go under and on the water”. A little bit later, on the way to Sydney, he saw a duckbill by the water. Francois Alexandre decided it wasn’t a random “meeting”. If nature was capable to create an animal with such universal skills why a man can’t try to do the same with help of engineers. Australians call duckbill “a platypus”. Francois Alexandre called his project Platypus Craft. Developing took four years.

Being yachting journalists we meet developers of “revolutionary” products quite often. But Platypus subdued us. At least because an equipment like this will suit any mega yacht perfectly. Platypus Craft is semisubmersible trimaran with aluminum hull and engines – electric of thermic. It is able to accommodate up to five passengers that sit astride on the middle part of the hull. Platypus can dive two meters deep, and for it’s passengers could breathe under the water it is equipped with oxygen system that reminds of hookah. It means you don’t need neither oxygen balloons behind your back, nor diving certificate. You won’t need even yachting license for this in most of the counties, but it depends on the engines of course.

Creators of Platypus Craft cared a lot of safety. It’s logical because you can imagine how interesting things like this can be for kids. Submersing mechanism is easy to use and it’s impossible to fall out the seat. Using Platypus Craft in waters full of sharks was taken care of too. There is an optional equipment that will protect the passengers.


Thanks to Yachts Russia magazine and Maria Moshkina for the translation in english