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Tool Carrier Boat BPH 6

The BPH (Hydrostatic Carrier Boat) joins an initiative of environmental protection.They are intended for the maintenance of streams, plans of water invaded by vegetation, natural waste or garbage.

They are also can be used to push barges (we also designed different type of barges) All the range of BPH (Hydrostatic Carrier Boat) uses some biodegradables oil and some organic fat. The BPH (Hydrostatic

Carrier Boat) are proposed with di-erent motorizations: 85 Hp, 130 Hp and 180 Hp. All the BPH are available in radio-controlled version. Provided with a transmitter-receiver, because of a big hydraulic availability, BPH (Hydrostatic Carrier Boat) CDO Innov remains the most multi-purpose of the market. Our solutions are CE certied and eligible to DDTM norms (inland water) and also ship safety centers (CSN).

Multi-uses: Removal of invasive aquatic plants, waterweed cutting, slurry and sand pumping, pruning branches on hydraulic networks, harvesting oating waste un rivers, lakes and ports.

For more information, hereby the Brochure :

CDO Innov – BPH Range

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