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In The News, Sargassum

CDO INNOV mentionned in the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Website




CHTA is mentionning CDO INNOV on their website concerning our Sargassum solutions that we have been presenting in many caribbean countries for a fews months now. You can see below what the Caribbean  Hotel & Tourism Association Website is saying about our French Company. We thank them for this exposure and keep going to present our innovative solution to tackle down the threat of Sargassum in so many countries. The Algaclean is one of many options that we’re offering to anticipate any stranding of Sargassum or others seaweeds across the world.



The Algaclean : the ALL-IN solution to prevent sargassum stranding

The Algaclean was developped to maximise the harvesting of seaweeds such as Sargassum in high volume near the coast and offshore. The harvesting is performed through a suction system and exist in different sizes and capacities depending of the geographical configuration and volume required. For more information do not hesitate contacting us at, we can send you documentation presenting this never be seen tool.


New Member Spotlight: CDO INNOV

CDO INNOV a French company building motorized devices to manage sensitive areas (hydrocarbons depollution, invasive plants and sargassum collecting solutions). Our original approach to the Sargassum invasion is based on two main directions:

  • Answering emergency through beach-cleaning solutions: we provide impacted entities (hotels, communities) with affordable, efficient and versatile machines to maintain the beaches clean

  • Anticipating strandings: our solutions are able to efficiently pump the seaweed at sea (25t/h). These solutions are based on a patented pumping system linked to a cleaning device.

CDO INNOV operates at an international level (Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Caribbean Islands). »

Source : CHTA Website