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Tools carrier boat BPH 18

Standard equipment

The BPH18 (Hydrostatic Carrier Boat) is the highest hydraulic capacity machine in the range. With its 180 hp, it can be coupled to a wide range of tools (please consult us for details). The available engine power lets you work with tools requiring considerable hydraulic power. This advantage even lets it move with ease.

The lifting capability of the BPH18 is close to 1 tonne. All this makes it the most powerful tool in the BPH range. Provided with a ballast (automatic optional), the BPH18 sees its use capabilities and productivity further improved.

Dashboard including :

  • Tachometer
  • Hour meter
  • Battery gauge
  • Engine pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Fuel gauge
  • Oil fault indicator
  • Battery fault indicator
  • Water fault indicator
  • Booster pump pressure indicators
  • Hydraulic Oil fault indicators
  • 3 pin plug and cigarette lighter sockets

For more information, hereby the Brochure :

CDO Innov – BPH Range

Machine capacity

Engine: 130 hp

Lifting capability: 600 kg

Speed: 14  km/h

Fuel consumption: 15 L/h

Oil tank volume: 2*100 Litres

Fuel tank volume: 140 Litres


Overall Length 6 849 mm
Overall Width 2 500 mm
Overall Height 1 350 mm
Hull Length 4 144 mm
Hull Width 2 490 mm
Draught 350 mm
Total weight empty 3 200 kg
Total weight full tank 3 600 kg