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The barges

Work Barges and pontoons

Work Barges and pontoons

With our range of work barges and pontoons, CDO Innov builds work platforms suitable for carrying machines such as compact excavators, mechanical excavators…

The work barges are designed to carry compact excavators from 2.5 to 6 tonnes (or contact us for customisation). With stabiliser piles (mechanic or hydraulic) to work on water in complete safety, the BT (Work) barges are the ideal tool for all bank maintenance work.

For more information, hereby the Brochure :

CDO Innov – Barges Range


Overall Length From 6 to 14 metres
Overall Width From 2 to 3.5 metres
Overall Height From 1 to 2 metres
Hull Length From 50 to 150 hp
Hull Width Steel or aluminium
Hull Height On request
Total weight empty Depending on construction
Total weight full tank Depending on construction