CDO innov : Chenillards, Bateaux Faucardeur et Barges

Constructeur d'engins motorisés pour les milieux sensibles

CDO innov : Chenillards, Bateaux Faucardeur et Barges


The Company is JEI (Innovative Young Company), saying that innovation is one of our key factor would be an understatement.

innovation CDO INNOV

We have a design department dedicated to the development of tools, gear and options to the needs of our prospects and customers. At CDO INNOV, not a tool is the same. The research takes an important place in CDO Innov. The innovation therefore appears as a centerpiece of the company. It is involved in the early stages of product life. The customer needs definition is calculated, dimensioned, and formalized. We developped technical manuals calculations, create plans sets and definitions of the product taking into account the manufacturing processes. We constantly uses software to aid calculations and computer aided design (3D modeller).





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