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We offer customized harvesting and/or pumping solution worldwide

Sargassum Sargasse Sargazo

Sargassum in the French Antilles

For a couple years now, we have been witnessing more and more standing worldwide. Those stranding have several impacts on the environment, the health and the economy of many countries around the world. CDO INNOV to tackle down such threat is offering many innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions. Our AMP (Amphibious) connected to a suction Nozzle allows to pump a large amount of seaweeds (25 tons per hour) on land or/and in the watershore, the latest edition to our marine range of product is the ALGACLEAN who can operate away from the shore and anticipate any seaweeds stranding. We’re currently working in the caribbean area to supply Ressorts and Governments to offer our exclusive innovation.

Below you can see the panel of our solutions to collect and/or pump seaweeds effectively.


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