CDO innov : Chenillards, Bateaux Faucardeur et Barges

Constructeur d'engins motorisés pour les milieux sensibles

The Company

Created in 2010, CDO Innov (now a Brand of ISALT Group since summer 2015)  was born from a common project between three associates

  • Cyril THABARD, Managing Director
  • David ORDUREAU, Production Director
  • Olivier ROUSSEAU, Design Office Director

With their complementary skills and know-how, these stakeholders in the CDO Innov Company teamed up to offer our clients a complete range of customised products.

After three years of research and development, CDO Innov now offers six different products. Technical progress (electrical, hydraulic and programming) incites us to constantly take the lead in proposing versions in advance of our competitors. The use of control units is a major innovation integrated in all CDO Innov machines, enabling us to guarantee optimum machine use through constant monitoring of the sensitive organs, and thus improving machine safety conditions. CDO Innov collaborates loyally with our suppliers with the aim of continuously improving our products and preserving their level of quality.

Atelier Juin 2015

Production means

Located at Machecoul, south of Nantes (44), France, CDO Innov has all the tools necessary for manufacturing our machines.

  • Plasma cutting table

  • Machining centre

  • Folder

  • Roller

  • Bender

  • Guillotine

  • Welding station Semi-TIG-MIG

  • Hose crimper